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August 19, 2007


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I have been trying to elimanate all HFCS from my family's diet and have forbid any food with it in the house. It hasn't been easy, as it's in everything. I have noticed many manufacturers are now just starting to give us options. Kellogg's for instance is the one cereal company I avoided because almost all their cereals have it. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that they are slowly introducing "Organic" versions of Rice Krispies and a couple others using cane sugar. Of course, the healthy option is more expensive and a smaller box. Kuddos to Kellogg's for giving those like me the option. Also, Coca Cola is now selling cases of the Mexican bottled coke made with pure cane sugar at my local Costco. It seems manufacturers have seen that more and more people like me are avoiding it. Now, if I could just find a Tonic Water without it I could enjoy my beloved Vodka Tonics once again.

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My typical breakfast

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    There is no right way to finding the balance of food, just your way. My typical breakfast is whole wheat spaghetti with homemade sauce, sautéed mushrooms, and a naturally low-fat Italian cheese sprinkled on top. Works for me.


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