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August 11, 2012


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you forgot the coxswains of the rowing crews; Brian Price for the men, and Leslie Thompson-Willie for the women. Also Leslie Thompson-Willie became the first Canadian athlete to medal in five different olympic games: 1984, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2012.


You are absolutely correct. Great call. I didn't quite understand the role of the coxswain. They should be included. And how cool is it for Thompson-Willie to get a medal in 5 different Olympics. Some of her teammates probably weren't alive in 1984.


I've never even heard of Leslie Thompson-Willie. Therefore she doesn't exist. (And I've been watching the main CTV channel's coverage, and CBC's news program reports, fairly regularly.)


That should have been Lesley. So sorry about that. I only heard about you on CBC Radio's The World At Six. So when Selah Beth mentioned the name, I was reminded that I heard the name a few hours earlier. The Olympics remind me that most of my knowledge of Canadian sports is CFL and NHL.


No worries, Chad. Most of my Canadian sports knowledge is CFL and NHL, too.


Let me know if SelahBeth wants to help a Yank whose CFL fantasy team stinks again. I'm 2-4, and none of these guys who pick against me watch.


Hey Tim. SelahBeth might be able to help you. I might too. In a league with a lot of parity, there is a fine line between winning and losing. Still a long way to go. If you have Ricky Ray, remember that he doesn't have the type of personnel that got Edmonton to the Grey Cup.


Everyone's a free agent. One point for 10 yards, 6 points for TDs except for a QB's pass. That's 3. For defence, turnovers equal 2, sacks are 1 point. This is an odd week because of the bye. Here's my roster:


I generally pick Calvillo and #1 slotbacks and top RBs. Then I start to overthink things and dive into defensive matchups. Last week I changed from BC's defence, which would have scored me 12 points, to Montreal's. They scored 3, but I liked going against Alex Brink. All that and more led to an "L".


Maybe it's just early in the season. The bye did come early. Calvillo hasn't had his A game, and the Alouettes defense has struggled. Hard to know who to pick as the hot hand.


I won this week. Sheets was huge for me!


See Tim. Patience is worthwhile. Sheets had a good week even if Edmonton won. Might want to see how much Edmonton uses Cory Boyd this week against Montreal.

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