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April 10, 2010


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I'm glad you did this post because I was really thrown back by the Green Giant promotion on this week's episode. Not only was it shameful, but that type of in-show product placement goes against everything the show stands for. Instead of promoting frozen vegetables, they should have been promoting Farmers Markets, etc. I've lost a lot of respect for this show now and will likely discontinue watching it. Selling out like that won't help the so-called "food revolution"...


Blatant & cynical product placement. This show is currently being shown in Britain & whilst any attempt to change unhealthy eating habits is to be applauded, I find this stage managed exercise in self promotion ( something Oliver excels at ) to be completely bogus.

What state is the World in when media celebrities like Oliver & Lady Gaga are making politicians decisions for them? Did it really take a chef from the UK to reveal that school food in the US is corporate sponsored processed mush?

What idiot believes that Rod the dj is not acting out a scripted part? It is insulting & dangerous tv & if I were a resident of that town I'd be very angry at the manner in which vulnerable children have been exploited & the ordinary folk such as the dinner ladies have been represented.

Reality tv is harmless enough if dealing with petty domestic squabbles, but treating a serious issue such as public health in this way is appalling. Oliver is both cynical & naive, aswell as being deeply irritating & arrogant.


where could i find a link to this add?


I would try YouTube or quite frankly wait for Jamie Oliver's show to come back to ABC in June. You will likely see the commercials then if not before. Or go to Green Giant's Web site.

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