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February 01, 2011


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thanks for your article,like your blog very much,well done


Well, I've only eaten there once. I don't believe I disliked their food - but politics and money (my money) don't mix. I don't care if they SUPPORT DOMA - but to get down in the GUTTER and raise the Shield of God telling me what He said is anathema to what I feel a fast food restaurant should participate in. Christians like Mr. Cathy rail against Muslims because they say Mohammed was kind with his writings BEFORE he had an ARMY to FIGHT. Well, then CHRISTIAN'S say that when Mohammed got an ARMY - he turned hateful and slew his enemies in torturous ways. OK, so Chick-Fil-A started out and not a peep was heard. Now, with the "Army of the Righteous" - The Beholden Dollar - they see no parallels between themselves and the Muslims at all. To take up God's Shield - they believe they need tear down another's opinion as if Christian's need be led about by the nose. God never minced His Testaments with the offal Mr. Cathy has. So, much like Mohammed - in this month of Ramadan - he strikes at the heart of all of Islam with really no need to. God didn't give sway to the Christians, the Jews or the Muslims to break His Laws. So Mr. Cathy proceeds along a false auspice and one fraught through with ignorance and past statements AGAINST His Word. If this isn't "arrogance", he need go back to his Bible and - although no one has spoken about Mr. Cathy's understanding or intelligence of God's Word - his lack of grasp is glaring. The Spirit of the Constitution additionally doesn't hold the precision of "Freedom of Speech" when he rankles and objectifies what he perceives as the "enemy" of a construct that now takes on a "fabricated" and "promotional" aspect he was calling media up to make for him since his "ARMY" is PAID to stand as he is. Unfortunate, unforeseen. He hasd "money" now - so they listen. In food courts here and there - I'm sure my family and I can find other choices for a "once a week" outing to where men well over 250lbs and women about the same - seem to go pretty much every day. It's not as though Chick-Fil-A steams their chicken or grills it. It's coated in sugary breading and is doused in oils - fried and even if it comes with a tomato on top - that doesn't make it healthy in anyone's mind.

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My typical breakfast

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    There is no right way to finding the balance of food, just your way. My typical breakfast is whole wheat spaghetti with homemade sauce, sautéed mushrooms, and a naturally low-fat Italian cheese sprinkled on top. Works for me.


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