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September 13, 2011


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The correct term for raw milk is actually "fresh milk." And according to the CDC, we do know approximately how many folks are drinking fresh milk every day. About 9 million. There are five states where raw milk is legal and sold in grocery stores. If its so dangerous, why aren't folks in those five states dropping dead everywhere? The reason the legality and safety of raw milk is constantly challenged is money. The dairy industry wants those 9 million customers. 9 million times a few $3 gallons of milk a week is a whole lot of money! Approximately 27 million dollars every week is a huge motivation to ban raw milk.

I hope you find some to try. I've been milking a cow and feeding my family fresh milk for four years. We love it. And our allergies have cleared up too.

Cindy Hailey

I can't wait to hear how you like it...You will LOVE it! Not only is FRESH milk full of beneficial bacteria that help heal the gut and therefore, many 'poor-gut-health' originated ailments, it is delicious! The final indecency cast upon milk comes in homogenization, which processes milk in such a way that it's fat no longer separates and you, therefore, are forced to BUY cream separately, and settle for inferior taste. (You want milk with the fat, by the way, as its fat helps the body assimilate the nutrients within the milk!) Every natural food contains enzymes within itself, inherent ONLY to itself, that aid the body in the assimilation of that food's nutrients. This is a perfect reason to leave well enough alone. I'll be waiting to hear your report...Get ready to fall in love!


Thank you both for the cool words on raw/fresh milk. I do plan to find some. Wish me luck.


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