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April 26, 2012


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Rob Beckett

This shows just how wrong all fast food is and nothing would be better for Canada than to throw ALL of them out of the country back to the United States of Crap! We already have soaring rates of diabetes and obesity which will lead to an epidemic of heart disease down the road. Now we have these corporate jagoffs trying to celebrate making everyone even more sick with some knockoff third rate junk food high in saturated fat, super high in sodium and knowing the fast food world also high in sugar. Makes me totally sick!!!!!!!!!!!


There is an air of cynicism to what Wendy's is doing. Hopefully, I pointed that out. Still, every country should have a national dish, maybe one that is a bit healthier.


This is a dish that originated in Quebec, one province, and until recently I doubt very many people outside of Quebec and Ontario had any idea what it was. Canada is so much more than these two provinces....what a joke.


I remember NBC did a segment on poutine in Vancouver during the Olympics, not that it should count for accuracy. And poutine is becoming more popular in the States. But you're right, Poutine is Quebecois and you do see it in Ontario. One of the problems with making poutine Canada's national dish.

Dave Dugan

I love poutine, but, not from a fast food restaurant!! Always something wrong with how they make it. Poutine should be quebecs provincial dish cause only they know how to make it good. Actually, there's is just AWESOME!!!! I do agree on the obesity and diabetes comments to. Either make your own poutine or go to Quebec but its not a national dish in my eyes. We have better food than that!!!!


Thanks, Dave. So the question is does Canada have a national dish? Peameal bacon is regional, poutine is regional, elk meat is somewhat regional, seafood excels on both coasts. Maybe the question has no answer.


I like the food at Wendy's which is yummy and crispy feeling lucky to be there.. and had a good experience...

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