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January 22, 2014


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Didn't anyone learn from the 47% gaffe from the 2012 election?


There is definitely a disconnect between the "Two Americas." Those that have food don't know the people that struggle with food insecurity.


When Teachers, etc. make far above the income average (amongst "middle class" citizens) plus higher pensions and incredible job security... and North American kids today are also scoring poorly in math, reading, etc., ... look towards the public money/debt quietly being spent if overall children are living in poverty.
However, blame the Parents if/when fast food fed children are either hungry, markedly over fat, and/or lazy and ignorant.
In most cities, how many regular teachers commute via the poor masses' public transit for instance?


Well-fed children do score higher on standardized tests, and make teachers' jobs easier. Poverty is a societal issue, especially in major cities. The U.S. does have more of a gangs issue, which negatively affects education in inner cities.

In Chicago, teachers often have to travel long distances to get to their school. Would seem better for them and the kids if they knew the neighborhood they were teaching in.

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