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May 12, 2010


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Interesting idea in theory, but not a simple or practical solution as you think. Olympic Stadium has been shut down for decades, right? It would take months, even years, to get it into playing shape, so to speak. It's more than just dusting off the seats and switching on the lights. You need to hire inspectors to check for problems with plumbing, electrical, cracks in the foundation, etc., which unchecked, could be hazardous to fans. Then you need to make repairs, if the inspection finds anything wrong. Then you have to hire staff for concessions, market the event, etc. That all takes time and money -- and we're talking millions of dollars. No city will justify these expenses for the sake of a three-game series, and I don't think the series would draw nearly enough fans to offset the costs.

I agree that the games should stay in Canada, but Olympic Stadium is not the answer.

Chad Rubel

The Expos used Olympic Stadium until 2004. The last time I saw Olympic Stadium on TV was when the Montreal Alouettes won the Eastern Division championship in the CFL last November.

Oh, and AC/DC played there in August when I last visited Montreal.

The funny part would be seeing whether Montreal fans would root for Toronto, given their bitter rivalries in other sports, or whether some in Montreal would pull for Philly.


The G20 summit is on June 26-27 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The stadium is within an "outer security zone" surrounding the convention center. Fans would have had a harder time getting to the game.

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