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February 24, 2011


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Just want to ask how that McD ad would be offensive or make people get up in arms?
Also Boston Pizza is really expensive (and imo the pizza isn't that great).
Also I love that kitkat commercial, somehow it hasn't managed to get old for me.
Come visit Newfoundland, it really is beautiful. Even in the winter, which for some reason you will never see ads for.


Just to be clear, I find no offense with the McDonald's ad. I think Canadians are more tolerant of situations that Americans aren't.

Some Americans freak out over interactions between black men and white women. Sad, but true.

Just my impression that this spot would never run in the United States. Would like to be proven wrong.

Would love to visit Newfoundland and Labrador someday.

Shawn Chong

I am Canadian.

Only after you mentioned it in your article did I even pay attention to the racial juxtaposition there. I saw the chest-bump, and truly, I think your eye is drawn there, but only because a girl is involved (and I'm not a girl).

That McDonald's commercial is so awesome.

I HATE WITH A PASSION the stupid Boston Pizza finger cooking commercial! Bill is smarmy and annoying. He's the opposite of the Old Spice guy... he's the guy, "You don't want your man to smell, look, or cook like."


The McDonalds ad is subtle. I just figured that it wouldn't play for an American audience, especially in the South. Perhaps things are different i.e., better.

I do agree about the Boston Pizza guy. He is supposed to be obnoxious on some level, maybe he does his job too well.

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