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March 29, 2011


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Without seeing the video (Colbert is aired at late night in Toronto, btw), the funniest thing I connected to Canada's election call on last Friday afternoon, offically Saturday morning, was the Juno Awards night for music on Sunday 27th.
Too much recent news media of street protests in North Africa? We have a non-confidence motion set up upon a "corruption charge" on Friday. Shawn Desman and his brother lead a cheerful opening flash mob(!) dance upon the music award's red carpet, in front of the Air Canada Centre.
By the way: home-town rapper Drake hosted the event (plus brings his mom along) and went zero for six in his awards categories. The night-before winner for best rap album compared his surprise win to having an Emmy go to Theo's friend, Cockroach.


I don't get the Colbert Report. I mean it's not about a German Shepard that walks across the country solving crime and helping people out, and it's not about two brothers who drink beer infront of a large map of The Great White North. What gives?

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