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March 30, 2011


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For George W. it was a two-way street. Political Canada wasn't showing very much mutual respect as he was running for president. And that was with our then Liberal P.M's nephew as our ambassador in Washington ('94-2000), Raymond Chretien.
After President Bush's post 9/11 (SOTU, maybe) speech where he seemed to thank every ally except Canada, attitudes here generally soured. Oddly enough, that was with a Cdn-US speech writer, David Frum.
Our war dead in Afghanistan (2002-2009) was higher per capita than even the United States. Most Canadians initially found out we were there via a misidentified news service photo of American soldiers seen wearing two different camouflage outfits; desert and jungle. So guess who was wearing the dark green?


It's comforting to know that be it Harper or Ignatieff, we'll have a prime minister at least open to working with the United States. Layton is having an upsurge in the polls...but, as we've seen from NDP provincial governments, the NDP "damn Yankees" rhetoric seems to diminish once they're actually in power.

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