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April 05, 2011


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Repetition is a big factor in all TV commercials which air on Canadian channels. As to the voiceovers, both Liberals and Conservatives use a friendly and reassuring female voice, but both fairly evenly are also using their own Leaders during this election. The NDP ads are almost exclusively narrated by their leader.
Human Smuggling is a concern in Canada. We had a cargo ship of Tamil refugees and potential Tamil Tiger organized criminals who paid thousands of dollars to board that ship to enter Canada illegally last year, shortly after their civil war in Sri Lanka ended. Toronto is already home to tens of thousands (and maybe more) of welcomed and legal immigrants from that country, alone; when their war was finally ending there were numerous gatherings of concerned countryfolk. We also had a young man from China who boarded a flight wearing a full head mask posed as an old gruffy white man; and he couldn't be turned away or timely returned either within our immigration system.

We've also had a few planes some years ago from European countries loaded with "their unwanted" peoples flown unanounced and direct to Toronto's airport - in the depth of a Canadian winter!

Omar Khadr who is a former teenaged combatant in Afghanistan still being held at Gitmo, his family continues to live a stone's throw away my home in central Toronto. My Liberal representative and party leadership hopeful has routinely sided upon many soft against Defence and Military issues. It took Sun Media columnist Ezra Levant to shame our overall MSM to begin using a photo of Khadr other than something which looked like a middle school yearbook photo. Our main local NDP rival, is a former Big Three auto workers' negotiator from 2005 who represented our federal riding from 2006-08.

See also this link:

highlighting known problems within the NDP. Jack Layton is fighting cancer and is also recovering from hip surgery. If he were to become our Prime Minister, would you want his deputy Libby Davies in executive command with Canadian fighter jets, and the Canadian Nato fly-zone Commander currently operating over Libya? It would be probable that some amount of health recovery time away might take place - even as a routine matter - for Layton's well being.


Stephen Harper is seen in the ads that we've seen, but his voice is missing. This is a distinct difference. If he is speaking in other ads, please let us know.

The female voice in the conservative ad doesn't seem friendly to my ears, but I'll let others decide that for themselves.

There have been a few isolated incidents of human smuggling, but they all happened on Harper's watch. Assuming you are a Harper supporter, you have to ask why Harper hasn't done more.

If Harper wants to make immigration an issue, that is more than fine. But frame the argument in terms of immigration, not implying that you are the only candidate who would be tough on human smuggling.

As for Jack Layton, his health during this election period isn't good, but the hip situation will eventually heal. Cancer is another issue (U.S. example, Paul Tsongas in the 1992 election), but very few think Layton has a shot at being the next prime minister.


Harper is of course, leading a minority government. That means everything gets watered down in order to be passed and some things never get through - like updated copyright legislation.

Of note: Sun News TV (from a right-wing tabloid newspaper company) is going to finally air beginning April 18th after extensive hearings against allowed competition. They have a meager UHF channel in Toronto and will need acceptance for cable and satellite delivery by their cable and satellite owned competitors, Rogers, Shaw, and Bell Canada. It was inert bureaucracy which has kept this company shut out for so long. It was Sun Media with only a minor half-hour current affairs show (and a bunch of 2nd tier programming) in Toronto that really put a light on my city's former mayor and public spending last year.

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