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April 12, 2011


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I'll disagree with the Conservative event handlers recent actions - including the earlier aloof positioning at a Maritimes shipping facility. Especially as Harper and wife were later that same week at a Bollywood theatre outing, just an hour's drive towards Toronto, complete with on stage dancing moves. note: We're getting India's 'Oscars event' this year.
On the other hand, remember Casey Brezik! A sweet innocent young student protester at the G20 last summer. Rounded up, detained (and arrested unlike most) by the "evil" police forces. No one around here+* bothered carrying his knife attack incident three months later intended against the Governor of Missouri.

+see link (from aFewfigs.wordpress.com - Jan 2011):

*P.S. Only one media source had reported on Toronto's largest ever lotto winner, from 2007, dying last week. And that was buried online.


Hey CQ, thanks for checking in.

I like when people make distinctions between party and philosophy, regardless of party and philosophy.

Behavior that you don't like shouldn't be condoned just because "your guy" does it.

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