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May 09, 2011


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Ex-Liberal leader Ignatieff also took some flack when it became campaign news that his wife still hadn't taken Canadian citizenship despite five years of his being a top-level MP. He also never lived in his own (appointed by PM Martin) local Toronto riding, preferring a nicer and more upscale neighbourhood close to the University.
Early days. All the best for Ms. Brosseau, though.


I did not realize that Ignatieff's wife wasn't Canadian. And not living in the riding is certainly not limited to Brosseau.

I was going through the blog archives and came across my criticism against Ignatieff for supporting the Iraq war. Once of Chretien's best moments was standing up to Bush and saying No on the Iraq war.

The Liberals need a strong leader for the Canadians to take them seriously. Ignatieff wasn't going to be that person. Any suggestions?


For now I really like Stephane Dion (again). He stayed on - and won his seat last week! Second chances and comeback stories shouldn't be an American only characteristic.


If Nixon can come back, why not Stephane Dion? Good for Dion that he won re-election in his riding.

Dion and Ignatieff aren't bad people, but may have been in the wrong place and certainly at the wrong time.


Brosseau lives in Gatineau, Quebec, but works at a bar at Carlton University in Ottawa.
I've heard Bob Ray might try for Liberal leadership, I'm not sure he'd be the best choice because of some history in Ontario when he was their Premier. I've also heard Justin Trudeau's name bandied about, I'm not sure if he's planning on going for it, but I think he might be good. He's young, popular, good-looking, and is good at talking to people.


Thanks for clarifying that Brosseau lives in Quebec. That would make much more sense that she lives in the province.

Bob Rae makes sense as a short-term Liberal leader. He has experience running Ontario (when he was in the NDP), he's bilingual, and can steer the ship in the interim.

If Liberals are smart, and Trudeau seems to be, he's shouldn't be next. The Liberals need a direction, and then maybe draft Trudeau. I'm curious about Dominic LeBlanc of New Brunswick as a leader between Rae and Trudeau.

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