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May 02, 2011


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They always talk about Ontario, & Quebec the most, as that's usually where the deciding factors lay. BC will get talked about quite a bit because there's are the last votes in, and there are quite a few seats there. Alberta is barely talked about because it's always canservative. The prairies may get mentioned some although there tends to be a lot of orange there, but there can be close races there sometimes. The Atlantic provinces are usually forgotten about for the most part as most of Canada seems to think the country ends at Ontario & Quebec (ok slight exageration). check out cbc.ca elections page for more indepth coverage.


Surfing the various channels, it was all mostly Toronto based, where I live btw. However I was hoping to hear about the Hamilton area - nearby along the lake towards Buffalo, NY. No dice. In fact, given the holdout of results when they did finally start adding up I had no area where the results en masse were coming from except being East of the Rockies.
One of the private networks, CTV, offered a clearly better presentation IMO. Which was surprising given its disappointing municipal coverage of just last fall.

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