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June 22, 2011


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Cringe - to see that woman. I live in her district. I guess I must be "anti-America" to be even reading this blog!


I was nice to pick a picture from 2008, giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Looking forward to reading Matt Taibbi's story on her in Rolling Stone. I agree with Matt; you do have to take her seriously. All the more reason to report on what she said.


I agree, if she's on planning on running for president she should check at least check her facts before she says something like that. That said, though Canada did have stimulus, I don't think it was as much as the US (comparatively).
On Ann Coulter; wow she can't even admit that the Canadian reporter might be right about Canadian history. No, oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize. Just I'm right, you're wrong. Maybe she was confused because, while Canada didn't send troops to Vietnam, there were Canadians who went and fought with the US.


Glad you liked the Coulter/CBC video: classic.

Canada's stimulus didn't have to be as big as the U.S. because it's 1/10 the population, and the banking system was stronger. And the U.S. stimulus wasn't as big as it should have been.

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