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July 27, 2011


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Thanks for finding it. If anyone "overreacted" I did. What seems goofy though is to replay tonight's game Monday morning. If they're going to jerk around the scheduled games, they may as well play them in some sort of chronological order, like TOR/EDM then CGY/SSK.

How we can get Pakistani Cricket via pay-per-view but no access to TSN or any Canadian network is beyond me.


To be fair, they appear to be running the games in chronological order, though the NFL Network release had the previous week's games. Waiting from Thursday night to a blurry Monday morning is a long time, whether that is for the CFL or Pakistani Cricket.

This is why I've argued for a Canada channel on our cable systems.


The NFL network has completely mishandled the broadcasting of the CFL games from day one. Tonight is a classic matchup, Toronto/Hamilton and they are not broadcasting it.


Actually, the NFL Network is showing the Toronto-Hamilton game tape delayed Sunday morning at 4:30 am Eastern. Is that ideal? No. But the Battle of Ontario game will air on the NFL Network.


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