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August 17, 2011


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I've been curious about how much Canadians ultimately pay in taxes. When I hear people talk about how much higher they are there, I think that may be true. However, if you like to have any form of health care here, a big chunk of our paycheck goes to an insurance company, which may as well be a tax in and of itself. Do you have a feel for how the middle classes are taxed here versus Canada? Like you said, taxation is more progressive there. I'm no threat to break any of Gretzky's records, so I'm not one who would be avoiding Canada due to an enormous paycheck!


Here's a partial comment I made elsewhere yesterday:

Canada faced its own debt crisis 25-20 years ago. Lost its triple-A status at the time. We called ourselves 'The Next New Zealand'. Conservatives first flattened our tax code, opened the country to free trade (hello Walmart, goodbye Woolco and Eaton's), and created a 7% national sales tax. [Then stalled at the '89-92 recession.] Liberals next slashed provincial transfer payments, added additional Surtaxes on top of Income taxes, bankrolled higher payroll taxes, and campaigned through the media on Jobs Jobs Jobs.
The Big Drop week this month: The TSX went up overall while the Prime Minister visited Brazil plus other S.A. sphere countries to develop more free trade deals.

Tell President Obama to approve the Oil Sands pipeline to American Refineries - or we'll need to keep those undeveloped high yield jobs for ourselves, and build another pipeline into B.C. for China's use. Ditto for the proposed new Detroit area trade bridge.
An interesting Debt Ceiling fact I heard: Reagan had asked for, and received, a debt ceiling increase 18 times!

- I don't think American Conservatives are ready yet to call for a 7% national sales tax, a Minimum income tax, plus Surtaxes. Nor are Democratics also ready to force deep public service spending cuts. And don't forget our tax-addled higher pricings of beer and gas. NY state troopers were found out this week to be earning $112,000 a year; meanwhile, Hollywood still pushes a false 'Mike & Molly' myth of hard-done-by public workers needing to live at home with their parents.
p.s. We're sliding back into bad fiscal habits, all around, too.

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