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October 24, 2011


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Suddenly Directv had the Saturday Hockey Night in Canada in HD - Leafs/Habs and Rangers/Oilers. The punchline: my DVR bombed. Even better: this was the week I acquired Calvillo for my fantasy team. He hadn't thrown 3 picks since '08! Despite my luck, very entertaining weekend.


The weather in Winnipeg made the difference, especially on Calvillo throwing. And the interceptions came with the wind. If the Blue Bombers win out, they get home field advantage. The difference in weather between outdoor Winnipeg (and the last game ever at Canad Inns Stadium) vs. indoors at Olympic Stadium could mean the difference between which team goes to the Grey Cup.

As for the DVR blowing up, sadly we have all been there, you have our sympathy. The Leafs-Habs was good and exciting.

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