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October 08, 2011


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The Blue jays COULD have afforded their ex-players. They are owned by Rogers Communications, the cable giant for Canada (east of Manitoba). Shaw 'owns' the west territory.
Rogers bought the skydome for a pittance, and the team around 2001. They were struggling, at the time, after poor internet and cell phone attempts in the late 90s, then got a new gov't licence of spectrum allotment. They now hold the skeleton of CityTV (after CTV's cherry picking) and Rogers Sportsnet 1-4.
Perhaps after becoming a little too big for their britches, (Number 3) Shaw has recently been awarded Canada's latest spectrum space offering. CTV /BellMedia of course is 'kept' in its number 1 position ever since its days of John Bassett. It is always on the sunniest side of our CRTC rulings - lifetime.

Blue Jays: 500 again. Or 5th worst by my chart:
And despite a cast of 000's, a misspell on their 2011 Rogers Center (or Centre) postcard:

None of companies above are legally allowed foreign competition or ownership*; although Conrad Black and the Asper family (ex-CanWest) did buy international media companies in the U.S., U.K., and Australia.
*Disney owns a (maybe a third) percentage of TSN, the sports network with Bell. Hence its cookie cutter ESPN presentation.

That, and lot of these Cdn media groups get routinely criticized for NOT adequately supporting our homegrown talent.


The "affordability" is more a matter of the lack of baseball salary cap. Toronto competes against teams with $170-$200 million, and the Blue Jays will struggle with that.

The other frustration was the strategy of trading Halladay to get younger, cheaper talent. And the return will likely not be anywhere near what Halladay provides.


That's what our (same media groups' paid elites) tell us every year. And every year it is the Tampa Bay's of baseball, and/or another clustering of smaller market U.S. teams in hockey, etc. that routinely scale or descend the heights. [from Toronto outward] Our teams are content to chip in for teasing an annual also ran status and their steady profit expectations. No guts, no glory.

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