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November 28, 2011


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Catching up since I didn't have a chance to watch until Monday night. I used tsn.ca. It comes in better than ESPN3 for me, but who's kidding around - the pic's pretty bad. The game was posted in several files with commercial breaks edited out. In addition to files typically posted for each quarter, halftime and postgame were included. I skipped Nickelback too!

The game had the feel of "You know who's going to win". Although the Bombers kept it within 11 for quite a while, they just seemed to be lagging.

I guess Vikings never miss a chance to embarrass themselves and the franchise. Even retired Vikings!


Watching it commercial free has its advantages. Maybe if I watched ESPN3.com tape delayed, it might not have been so bad.

I did feel like B.C. was destined to win. Even when Winnipeg came back, I didn't think the Lions were in trouble.

Maybe next year, we'll get TV coverage of the Grey Cup.

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