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November 23, 2011


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Interesting how there's a movement to make "retro" editions of Coke and other products with sugar here. Does Canada have a governing body like the FDA? I'm assuming the FDA polices labeling. Is it Harper and his minions who are loosening regulations like US-style conservatives?

To your point: it's crazy that we endure seeing vaguely listed ingredients, meanwhile manufacturers disclose if there had been a peanut in someone's car at the facility's parking lot. A little consistency, common sense, and truthfulness shouldn't be considered a burden on the food industry.


I don't give much credit to the U.S. but they are ahead on alternatives to HFCS in soft drinks. But this is because consumers in the U.S. have spoken up. Also, HFCS has been around for about 3 decades in the U.S., just a few years in Canada. And the different name (glucose-fructose) threw people off.

The allergies point is really a good one, since some people are allergic to corn and corn products. If you see an and/or on the label, assume the product has that ingredient.

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