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November 01, 2011


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Ford was in Mexico representing his city as the next Pan Am host this weekend. Our chief of police, appointed by the mayor's left-wing predecessor, already gave a quick public statement as to the contents of the two calls. Ford had called back after a delayed response.
And, btw, Canada was singled out in a terrorist 'call to arms' this past week as well; they had misspelled Ottawa.
Sun News Network's Ezra Levant made an imitation skit last night regarding semi-retired Mary Walsh's unannounced, costumed, pouncing upon Ford's private home, from an unmarked car.

Rick Mercer, btw, whose show preceeds 22 Minutes, called out gays in the public realm last week. Fat Chance at the CBC.

Selah Beth

In Mayor Ford's defence, it was dark, and 22 Minutes more or less ambushed him. Having seen the show and Mary Walsh on it, I fully believe that it seemed antagonistic and can understand how it might bring about his reaction, especially if his children were present. If a person is confronted in an antagonistic way on their own property they have every right to react by calling the cops.
And no Ford never said bitches.


I watched the segment again. From what I saw it seemed light out like morning but maybe early in the morning.


I've seen Mary Walsh deal with Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell, and Walsh did come across as obnoxious. Though Walsh seemed more obnoxious with Palin and O'Donnell than with Ford.

I didn't see his daughter. Whatever you might think of Ford, children are a different matter.

Ford looked like he panicked when he didn't need to do so. And as I pointed out, Rob Ford has been around for awhile; he should know about 22 Minutes.

When Walsh talked to Doug Ford, the mayor's brother, he seemed to get that it was a joke. Rob didn't. The fact that Rob Ford doesn't talk with the media is why Walsh went there in the first place, and his reaction showed that he doesn't react well when even approached.

All he had to do was get in the car and drive off, and the hoopla wouldn't have happened. And if he is screaming at dispatchers, regardless of what he said, he has some deep issues.

Ford would have had a lot more sympathy if he hadn't overreacted to Walsh or the dispatcher. I will admit that Walsh's tactics aren't the most ideal, and it would have been better to deal with Ford off his property.

If the 911 tape proves his daughter was frightened (and not by Daddy's overreaction), I would see this in a different light. And if Ford didn't use the language in question, again, a different light.

Ford would be better off learning some media skills and talking more with the media.


You're right about the morning daylight timing. Otherwise give it up on this faux story. Mayor Ford most probably knew exactly who it was (after a quick second of attack) - he still needed to get on with his day. Which begins with being able to freely get into his own vehicle on his own driveway.

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