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November 25, 2011


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See my take on having 'Cdn' beer selling far cheaper in Buffalo NY than throughout Ontario. It's all owned by the multi-nationals nowadays.
The Ontario Conservative leader got roundly laughed at for his Buck-a-beer campaign promise earlier this fall.

Nor is Blue even advertised around here anymore:
Everything beer is tagged with Budweiser or Coors Light. 15 years ago the marketplace had a dividing wall.


I do see Labatt's around here in Chicago. Well, that and La Fin du Monde. I see more La Fin du Monde than Molson and Moosehead here. It's funny you mention Buffalo since I covered the Bills in Toronto from a Buffalo Bills bar that features Labatt's. Maybe it's a regional thing.

I do agree that Canada should have more pride in its beer, especially since its mainstream beers are better than American mainstream beers.

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