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November 08, 2011


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Paul Rapoport

Sorry, this is not believable. No Supreme Court Justice is going to say what you claim, especially when it isn't correct.


I would like to respond to what you are saying, but it would help if you can be more specific.

Fran The Canadian

What's not correcte?! In all of canada there are nudist beaches, beaches where clothing is optional and in Ontario woman can go around topfree anywhere a man can...This does not apply only to beaches, but parks and your own front yard! Comme on it's just boobies!!!


Ontario has a distinction over the other provinces in that you can go topless in areas besides designated beach areas. As Fran so well put it, "Comme on it's just boobies!!!"


The laws that made it illegal were struck down in Ontario and they would also be struck down in any other Canadian province as it is simply a matter of equality. There is NO non-religious reason why a man may go topless but a woman cannot. If someone were arrested in another province they could easily apply the same defense as was used in Ontario.


This all comes down to equality. On the religion note, Adam and Eve were both equally naked in the Garden of Eden.

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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