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January 17, 2012


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difficult to imagine: Conservative vs. Liberal.
Throughout the 90s federal PCs were villified. They were bad because yes they significantly lowered spending as a percentage - yet didn't so enough during the 89-92 global recession. They were voted out after bringing in the GST; Liberals reneged on a cancellation promise. Conservatives today are blamed for lowering the GST to 5% (incrementally, btw). And for the provincial PST of BC and Ont. (7 & 8%) being combined as a single HST.
The minority Conservates (2006-2011) are quickly dismissed for their recent deficits; Ont. Liberals are lauded for the same.
Federal Liberals, then, slashed its spending via transfer payments to the provinces. Provincial PC govts took the hate and blame - and they still do.


It's blaming a boogeyman when the alleged boogeyman is as harmless as the average cat. Oliver was way over the top. We can disagree on philosophy, but Harper and his government win no style points for the way they behave. Yes, it's been a long time since the Conservatives had a majority. But they have had 5 years as a minority and will have 4 years as a majority. Let things take its course.

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