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January 30, 2012


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Mario T

"Dave Strader and Pierre McGuire (minus Ed Olczyk) handled the call and had a lot of good Red Wings-Canadiens stories to fill the time since Montréal blew Detroit out of the water. The channel gets nervous when a Canadian-based team is on, and having that Canadian-based team winning by a huge score made the announcers a little nervous. "

Okay that just made me laugh.. OMG Canadian are beating the US at something! quick.. hide it hide it!! *sighs*


:) Glad you got a laugh from that.

Selah Beth

Sounds like they did a good job of covering Ottawa, and not trying to hide Canada.
One of the highlights of the weekend, at least for me, was the hardest shot skills competition when Chara set a new record, twice, finishing with a shot of 108.8mph.
And yes, Ottawa fans never pass on a chance to boo a Leafs player.


Yes, and the irony that Chara used to play for Ottawa was huge. I'm glad the fans were consistent on booing the Maple Leafs. If the NHL played East vs. West, then Phil Kessel would be "teammates" with Spezza and Alfredsson, creating an odd dynamic.

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