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January 04, 2012


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I'm surprised it's so difficult to get Canadian channels, especially OTA. I thought about getting an antenna to try to reel in local channels outside the Twin Cities - we interrupt programming for any imperfect weather - but there is no way to get a CBC feed, et al. I hit up Directv about a Canadian international package. No dice.


The effectiveness pf TV signals traveling along the border has been severely diminished by going to digital from analog. Now that Canada has gone over to digital, except for some CBC English and French signals, both countries have less crossover. I recall the days about 20 years ago when satellite dishes could freely pull in Canadian signals. Why have we gone backwards?


That's a shame if your in Washington, Michigan or any of the direct border states this should be a no-brainer I want CBC and TSN because they have better hockey coverage than NBCSports here in the US. If these satelite companies can have China, Argentina and other parts of the world why not Canada?

Joe Louis

This is why I bought season tickets for the red wings. I'm from Windsor and I grew up a huge wings fan as did everyone else my area. Just because. It's Canada doesn't mean we want to watch leafs games on TV. I didn't even meet or see a leafs fan in Windsor until a few years ago. It seams to me that at least half the fan base of the red wings is actually on the Canadian side of the border due to the number of Ontario liscence plates I see coming hole from games and the traffic on the ambassador bridge before and after games.
We need more TV coverage out here for the wings so I don't have to trek into the US for every game. My father is too old to go to games now and he barely gets to watch the them on the tele. Every red wings game needs to be on television in the Windsor and Essex are because a lot of the fan base is being deprived fr their favorite sport if they cant get into Detroit for games like I do.


Excellent point. If only Cogeco would carry Fox Sports Detroit. You would think it would be a win-win. Red Wings would want it. Fox Sports Detroit would want it (people in Windsor shop in Detroit). Advertisers want it. NHL wants it. People in Seattle can watch way more Canucks games than Windsor can see Detroit games.

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