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March 21, 2012


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Your American readers should know that here in Alberta, we call ourselves Texas North. We're down to earth, approachable and conservative. The PCs were once like that but no more - their governing philosophy is that they know better than us. That's why the PCs who were winning with 60% of the vote will see that support go to the true conservatives, the Wildrose.

I suggest before saying that the Wildrose don't have any big ideas, you go to our website wildrose.ca - You'll read bottom-up policies that ordinary people like me put forward as members of the party.


When you are a relatively unknown party, as Wildrose is, the first impression you make shouldn't be awkwardly placed wheels on a bus. The upcoming election will show what ideas Wildrose has, and whether PC voters will switch over. Picking up 4 seats since the last election is a sign of some interest.

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