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March 05, 2012


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I care deeply about whether Maple Leafs personnel are from Ontario, and the OHL, or not. Yes we always had athletes from the U.S. and Overseas, but in hockey it simply isn't probable that the Leafs - alone - have none (or a definite minority) from right at home.
I believe that this is a direct result of them being owned by the Teachers Pension Group. As I wrote about:
and also:
It is not a 100% coincidence that here in Toronto, its University Football was allowed to langish a 2-78 record through 1998-2007. Or that the Other in-town University, York, had set the previous men's Football losing streak record.
Toronto, and Ontario, has a long standing history of meekly standing down, being timidly polite to a fault, - and just giving more to others than ourselves. Politically it is mainly about transferring Tax Revenues through Provincial Equalization and smiling about Canada's highest provincial sales tax. Our domestic business climate suffers from this same attitude.
In baseball, we actually say that we cannot compete(?) - with Tampa Bay. Owned by a major cable and sports network company, our Blue Jays (of a previous 4 million season attendance record) should almost be playoff hogs like NY, Bos., Phil., and Atl. Instead they have one of the worst ongoing records of achievement since 1994.


Watching the Toronto Maple Leafs struggle has been frustrating, but I hadn't realized about the lack of Ontario players until Ron Wilson got fired. I see fans caring about the lack of players from Ontario because they're losing. Still, to be the only team in the NHL with 0 Ontario players is sad. Very sad.

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