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March 20, 2012


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For us here.. CBC and even TSN are Leaf centrals... TSN is even called Toronto Sport Network since it all centers around that city team while the rest of the 29 other team get like 5min at the end of the show. In a similar way i guess than RDS is centered around the habs, tho id like t think rds does a better job than tsn with the other than home team.


Multiple feeds? Not in My Backyard, lol. I don't know that there is even one subchannel broadcaster throughout Canada.
And TSN/CTV owner Bell Media - with its satellite / phoneline systems got just bigger this week, buying Astral Media (mostly English-language radio and Quebec properties).

Selah Beth

I would love to see CBC and TSN be less Leafs centric, and I'm a die-hard Leafs fan. But as much a Leafs fan as I am, it would be nice to hear more about the other 29 teams in the league. I think it would be better for the league and the sport if broadcasters and announcers didn't focus so much on just one team.


I read about Canadians who get multiple feeds, but I don't know which cable company they have. It's a Catch-22 with the Leafs. The Leafs get better ratings because they're better known. They're better known because they're on TV all the time. You have my sympathy. And if you live in Ontario (outside Ottawa), you will still get the Leafs.


Pretty much any Canadian digital cable or satellite company offers CBC feeds from around the country with even the most basic digital package. I'm not sure there's been a single HNIC game this year I haven't been able to see this way.


Thanks, Ryan. In addition to that, I still think CBC could expand its offerings on digital sub channels. For example, when hockey isn't on, CBC could feature its CBC News Network or Bold to draw more eyeballs to those programs for those without cable.


It's weird. Digital sub-channels haven't taken off in this country the way they have in the US. There's a few people who have been advocating for it to the CRTC, but I'm not aware of a single use of sub-channels or multiplexing up here. Not sure if it's a technology issue or if the broadcasters just aren't interested.


I think the U.S. stations underutilize their potential, but the American stations are WAY ahead of the Canadian stations. The other issue is getting cable companies to agree to carry the digital signals. The CRTC might have to require cable companies to carry local digital signals, even if the stations are retransmitters (something that is rare in the U.S.).


if enough people complain to cbc, maybe we can get some results,.. I sent several complants, .. no answer,..
like many, if I never see the dam leafs again, it will be too soon,and I would also be delighted not to hear don cherry spouting his nonsense


The funny part in 2013 is that most of Canada (not Quebec) is getting the Leafs, but the U.S. audience (via the NHL Network) getting Habs over the Leafs.

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