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April 26, 2012


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Mario T

To be honest, trying poutine at McDonald or such places is possibly the WORSE thing you can do if it is to be your only experience with the meal, its at barely above mall food court level, that is to say a last resort. I live in Quebec and the mcdo one is at best, a 6/10 its tiny, the fries are awesome but the cheese and sauce leave alot to be desired, sometimes the cheese is still cold and with either too little sauce, or too much. Once in awhile ill try it again just to see but ive yet to be impressed.

As you said, you are better off trying a local place for a great experience with poutine! Qoc au Bec is a favourite chain of mine for it, available around Montreal and south shore. The Restaurant Deli Green Stop remains the best place ive visited for poutine, ever.


I'm planning a trip to Montreal in May. And good poutine places are on my list. I will add yours to the growing list. Merci. Thanks.

Rob Beckett

This shows just how wrong all fast food is and nothing would be better for Canada than to throw ALL of them out of the country back to the United States of Crap! We already have soaring rates of diabetes and obesity which will lead to an epidemic of heart disease down the road. Now we have these corporate jagoffs trying to celebrate making everyone even more sick with some knockoff third rate junk food high in saturated fat, super high in sodium and knowing the fast food world also high in sugar. Makes me totally sick!!!!!!!!!!!


There is an air of cynicism to what Wendy's is doing. Hopefully, I pointed that out. Still, every country should have a national dish, maybe one that is a bit healthier.

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