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May 11, 2012


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Mario T

I remember Bettman tone and mannerist on the day the announcement that Winnipeg was going back to the NHL, you would have thought he was at a funeral. So depressed and resigned he was to annouce the move of an american team to Canada. Most if not all of the fans up here have NO trust what so ever in Bettman. He wants, and always wanted to make hockey an american sport. The plan is to move teams to from north to south, not south to north. Very few believes Quebec, or any other Canadien City will get a team. The league will fight tooth and nails, and loose millions for years (as we have seen!!) rather than admit a team FAILED in the american south and move it somewhere more profitable, like say Canada. Its disgusting


MacLean was probably ok until he got to the part linking hockey to 9/11. Though why bring up 9/11 at all? I'm sure this would be considered unpatriotic, but I never need to be "reminded" about 9/11 again.


Here's a report about Solomon Elimimian:



Hey Tim, good to hear from you. I agree that we don't need "reminding" about 9/11, even from Canada. And wow, Vikings got Elimimian. That guy was a serious hitter for B.C. We'll see if he'll stick in Minnesota. I still remember being surprised when the Bears released Andy Fantuz.


Mario T, I can imagine the blubbering Bettman would do if the Coyotes move, especially to Quebec. Nice visual image for us to think about.

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