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July 27, 2012


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For OTA reception, Buffalo area viewers might also receive Rogers Communications' Toronto based Omni-1 & Omni-2 channels (47 & 69). These are (mostly) foreign language channels*. Channel 47 carried a couple of (non-English) Olympics soccer games today, including a match of Brazil's.

* Omni-1 (47) is generally for European and Carribean programming; Omni-2 (69) is generally for South and East Asian programming. Both also carry the typical U.S. syndicated stuff like King of Queens or CSI repeats (in English).


I appreciate the update. Buffalo-Toronto have the strongest connection in terms of getting each other's signals. I focused on CTV, figuring the really important coverage would be on CTV, like NBC in the States. The other difference is that NBC is the only OTA outlet in the States, not true of the Canadian package.

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