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July 02, 2012


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I never knew streaming feeds could look so sharp. For the last few years I connected a 10 year old Dell to my TV with a composite cable to watch CFL games via Comcast. The ESPN3 feed looked like trash which is why I'd wait a day to use watch.tsn.ca. The on-demand games are 16:9, far from HD, but watchable. Last Friday, I wanted to see a game live, so I tried ESPN3 on the Dell (same result). Borrowed my daughter's iPad, and was blown away! While still 4:3, it was a little sharper than an old tv with perfect analog reception. (I say analog because I think non-HD digital channels do not look as good as analog used to look.) Still much better than what I had been trying with ESPN3. Maybe Apple will be the king of all media.


I will have to try watch.tsn.ca. I'm even willing to wait a day to see the CFL in a better light. But I am looking forward to the (eventual) U.S. TV deal.

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