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July 21, 2012


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Boo CFL! I need a Canadian dish.


No NBCSN? I thought that was a channel that a lot of people got, but just couldn't find on their cable system. Maybe you can find a friend who has NBCSN to watch or tape the games.


I get the channel. I like the fact the playoffs are broadcast in their entirety and live. I don't like the regular season schedule. NFLN showed more games, even if many were taped delayed and sometimes edited. I fared best back when the games would be on Altitude and RSNs. I was guaranteed to see at least three per week.


I totally agree about the game selection. I thought NBCSN had more holes to fill on its schedule. The Olympics is why they didn't start out in the begining, but at least one game each week is very reasonable. And the selection of games: 6 of 9 features Edmonton -- way too much green and gold.

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