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July 25, 2012


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Toronto's mayor Rob Ford has also been volunteering as a public high school football coach since... 2001, and had donated $20,000 for its equipment. He still coaches while Mayor,
G&M link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/take-the-high-road-rob-ford-urges-his-losing-team/article4182836/

A week ago I passed along a Power Utilities crew making daytime repairs at two poles; one on each side of the street (cornering High Park). Five actual workers combined, two uniformed police officers milling around (one per repair). I'll give odds: neither lives within or even close to this actual city, both were earning more than any HydroPower crew worker at that site, both probably also get a richer pension AND with earlier lifetime retirement eligibility, both should have been replaced by a couple of sandwich boards stating "Crew at Work - detour around". Usually I encounter daytime bicycle cops dandying about - never chasing criminals nor making arrests; once I passed a whole squadron gathered at a Starbucks.
Our judges have also been refusing to issue the longer mandated jail sentences for gun possession crimes.


Yes, Mayor Ford does volunteer as a HS football coach and has donated equipment. This makes his anti community program stance all the more bizarre. He believes in community involvement but only when he is involved?

As for the not getting work done, that does happen sometimes in large cities.

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