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August 31, 2012


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It was stunning! I'm looking forward to tonight's game too. For all the buzz about watching content online, I think dishes and cable will be around for a while.


Couldn't agree more. The picture didn't freeze. I could control the volume. And create my own replays in case I missed something.

Marc H.

Glad to have the CFL on NBC SN here in the U.S. As a follower of the league for 3 years now, I have really become to love the 3 down Canadian game & the No yards rule. NBC gets some praise for letting TSN run the entire simulcast (minus the US Spot breaks). We had 3 great games that aired in the U.S over the Labor Day weekend. Wish NBC would run at least 1 game a week, if not all of the them. The TSN VOD works but the connection often freezes. Streaming has come a ways but still not good enough to replace TV.


I'm hoping that the limited schedule is a way of the NBC Sports Network testing the waters. I would honestly take a few tape-delayed games shown this way, but NBC Sports Network likes their infomercials overnight. If the ratings/buzz takes off, next year could see a lot more games.

warner mcintire

I have to post another message. I wish the tsn nbs sporgts would televise more cfl games in the usa. Like the other man said, even tape delays would do. Canadian football has it all over the nfl. thanks.


Oh yeah. The ending to the rematch of Winnipeg-Saskatchewan had it over most of not all the NFL games. ESPN3 if you have it. You can also watch the highlights on cfl.ca. October 5 is the next NBC Sports Network game.

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