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September 14, 2012


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That's hilarious. It's like when Pat and Kevin Williams from the Vikings got to play in spite of violating the NFL substance abuse policy. A Minnesota court ruled the NFLPA drug testing procedure violated state law. That ruling was eventually overturned, but the Williams Wall got to play an entire season before serving suspensions. I think Pat Williams retired without ever serving his. Ahh the Vikings ... first place for one week this year. I can't even get worked up about it anymore.


That is funny. A great example from a different league. I don't have much faith that any of this would work. I just love the idea of 2 of the 3 NHL teams being from Alberta, two teams not scheduled to play live on U.S. TV.


By the way, TSN on demand via Comcast has been awful this year. I made it two years with good streaming results. I'm now watching using ESPN3 via iPad. Works so much better than my 12 year old Dell.


Would love to win/get an iPad to watch the CFL. If Apple wants to send me one... :)

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