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October 29, 2012


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The two games we get this week on NBCSN suddenly seem more meaningful. Gord just seems so much more knowledgeable when he gets to do PxP. Rod's seems forced. I have to roll my eyes when Rod belabors kickers.


I like that Duane gets to be funnier. Sounds like he's having a better time. Gord Miller is always having a good time. He's funny on Twitter, too.

And yes, both games have meaning. I'll have more on that on Thursday.


Gord Miller worked those two games with Duane Forde because Rod Black was providing figure skating commentary on TSN/TSN2/CTV.


I hadn't heard what the half-time show was going to be, I am now sad that my favourite championship game has resorted to Bieber. I would have prefered anyone of the artists you mentioned (Rush would have been awesome). At least Gordon Lightfoot will be playing, too. And the pre-show sounds wicked.
I thought it was fitting that the Ti-Cats won their final game in Ivor Wynne. It's always nice when you can say goodbye with a win. (And it's not just because they're my fave team). I do know they will be building the new stadium on the same spot, just changing the direction, and size. It will be going north/south instead of its current east/west.


Thanks Tyler. Rod Black is fine. I think I just miss Gord Miller on hockey. And Jim Hughson, Bob Cole, Mark Lee .... .


Selah Beth, good to see the Tiger-Cats win the final game at Ivor Wynne. I thought Hamilton would be better off with a new downtown stadium, but I can see why the old spot is beloved. Really curious where the Ticats will play in 2013.

Let's hope the U.S. will see the pre-show. Would like to see Johnny Reid get some love outside Canada.

Yes, Rush would have been awesome.


I think my problem with Rod Black is he just comes off so amateur sounding. He's got plenty of experience and is knowledgeable about football, but when when you listen to Cuthbert, Miller or Rod Smith you feel like they belong in the CFL booth. Rod Black just really grates on people.


Yes, Tyler. Rod Black is either loved or hated. I do like the other announcers. Rod Smith also seems like he is having fun, too.

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