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November 19, 2012


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I'm pretty sure the Lions won the Grey Cup at their home field last year, too.
I can't wait to see the Stampeders beat the Argos next week.


Change has been made. Good catch. To be fair, 1994 was the last time before last year that a team won the Grey Cup on its home turf. This will teach me to write these stories in my sleep.


Great games-finally finished West Final before 7am this morning. We'll finally get live football glitches and all Sunday, which is nice since odd media outlets tend to play spoiler with the Grey Cup-if relying on tape delay. My reception was the same as yours this time. Occasional screen freezes but nothing that ruined watching the game. I caught up with news to see that Brouillette merely had a concussion. As long as the East Final had been delayed that's a better case scenario than what was appearing to be a grave injury.


Tim, you are more patient than I am. I couldn't wait that long. Glad to hear your reception wasn't worse than mine. The scenario with Brouillette looked bad, but the announcers did say that he could move his extremities even then. We're watching the Grey Cup with a group here, but will be taping the game for future enjoyment.


I attended the West Final at BC Place. The crowd noise doesn't seem to be as amplified since the renovations. I felt it should have been louder for a crowd of 43,000+ but it turned out not to be a factor anyway.

You make a great point about the Alouettes not playing their last regular season game at Olympic Stadium anymore. I think that could very well be a factor in their recent lack of success playing there during the playoffs.


Thanks for weighing in, Tyler. I thought B.C. Place had been louder. You would know better by being there. Though the new roof looks great. Would love to try that out when the weather is nice to feel the breeze coming in.

Wonder if Montreal will listen to us.

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