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November 23, 2012


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Grey Cup weekend also featured the the CIS (Canadian Inter-Colegiate Sports) football championship game the Vanier Cup. This year was the first time in CIS history that the same four teams made it to the semis two years in a row. And the second time in the 48 year history of classic that there has been a rematch at the big game: the other time being '76-'77 with Western and Acadia.
Last year the McMaster Marauders beat Laval Rouge et Or in ot 41-38, this year Laval killed McMaster 37-14. It was the only game this season the McMaster lost.


Selah Beth, thanks for weighing in on the CIS. Hopefully, with the rise of Jon Cornish and Andrew Harris means we'll see more Canadian players at skill positions.

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