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November 12, 2012


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Cuthbert and Suitor worked the Eastern Semifinal last year as well (Hamilton at Montreal). I believe it is by their choice and I think in previous years there may have been some criticism of TSN by always putting the A team on all of the western playoff games. I suspect they will work Calgary at B.C. next weekend.


The broadcast quality via Directv was awful. Perhaps this was an NBCSN issue. It was like watching online-frequent freeze-ups and skips. I couldn't tell what happened to Nichols because of it. Why does the CFL enter such broadcast contracts with such leeway to get jerked around? As a satellite user it worked out better for me to have the regional sports networks pick up various games and the playoffs.


Tyler, I'm curious to see if the pattern holds. I think Cuthbert and Suitor will stay East all the way. Looking forward to see which way that goes.

Tim, I didn't have those issues with cable (NBCSN) and watching Nichols injury live (TSN). He landed badly on his left ankle. You can find the hit on YouTube. Maybe you were having a bad satellite day? With regional sports networks, you could have had longer delays before seeing the game.


Note that Glen Suitor lives in Vancouver and he hasn't had many home games this season. Since Cuthbert has to travel either way, I imagine he will head out west. But we'll see.

Also note TSN is broadcasting the two CIS football semifinals, Acadia at Laval (Uteck Bowl) and Calgary at McMaster (Mitchell Bowl). Rod Black and Duane Forde will be doing one of those so it would make sense for them to do the East Final on the Sunday.


Tyler, these are good details. This is the advantage of living in Canada, and not watching it from outside. I just got back from 5 days in Windsor. And whatever you might say about Windsor, I was on Canadian soil and I was happy.


Sara Orlesky just let the cat out of the bag on Twitter. Indeed, Cuthbert and Suitor will call the West Final on Sunday.

@saraorlesky: Hey @PaulLaPolice, be forewarned that @CCtsn & @GlenSuitor may make you sing this wknd at WF! #rookieintiation #weveallbeenthere


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