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December 17, 2012


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Count me in as one of those frustrated with Goodellball. I'm no expert on this, but wasn't there sort of a gentlemen's agreement between the leagues to allow the CFL to thrive without having the NFL encroach Canada? Didn't the NFL extend a loan to keep the CFL afloat during the '90s after they disastrously extended teams to locales like Las Vegas? Goodell knows no boundaries, but the rest of the world does. They've rejected NFL football and its derivatives. Judging from your attendance numbers Canadians aren't exactly clamoring for being stadium leverage like LA, or for subpar games I wouldn't even DVR if they were my sports option.

I love football, so my complaints are more about how the NFL has been administered the past three years. Mark Cohon seems ten times the skilled commissioner Goodell does. Furthermore, it seems like kickoffs are there to stay in the CFL too!


You have Psy performing, no other good sports events going on, reduced ticket prices, an exciting Seattle team (with Canadian fans) in town, and you only draw 40,000? I'd like to see other teams in the mix with the Bills to see if Toronto will come out for other teams.

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