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December 11, 2012


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Mounties? Ministers? Beefeaters?


Mounties fits. Ministers would be pretty funny. Good submissions.


I still cringe at the NBA Toronto Raptors' naming contest of the mid 1990s. A tacky marketing name meaning nothing to its locale, crappy colours of purple with red (now, more red with a bit of purple), and an continuing eyesore arena built too close to the large Lake Ontario (for maintaining decent playoff season ice conditions).

Ottawa Reformers would be a neat choice. Or as Ottawa Liberal MP David McGuinty said last month, western MPs "should go back to Alberta".


Hey, CQ. Glad you brought up the Raptors. What a horrible mess. I hadn't considered the location of the ACC to Lake Ontario. Then again, when are we going to see the Maple Leafs in the playoffs? (Sorry.) Reformers keep the R theme going; make them sound like they work in prison. Tough works well in football.


I would like the name OTTAWA SPHERES as they are strong and together they are like a sprere in the universe coming in strong for the HIT.


Spheres would be fun to incorporate as a mascot.

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