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January 18, 2013


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Directv picked up the CBC signal at 2pm Central and did not black out any ads. I was able to watch most of Ottawa/Winnipeg, nearly all Toronto/Montreal, and a little of the Vancouver game. Hot Stove seems to have some fireworks but they really seemed to gloss over topics. I passively follow hockey - until the playoffs. So opportunities to get really informed opinions about the game and league are few for me. Free Center Ice is it other than the simulcast of Hockey Tonight on NHLN.


PS It looks like any Sportsnet feed will be in standard definition, such as tonight's Oilers game.


Center Ice carries all kinds of feeds. So I'm supposed to get the Calgary HD feed tonight, but SD feeds for Edmonton and Vancouver (I only get 1 HD feed per time slot). Glad to see DirecTV came through, I saw the same thing: beautiful HD for all 3 CBC games. Yes, NHL Network is promising to carry Hockey Tonight and Coach's Corner/Hot Stove even when carrying an American game.

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