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January 09, 2013


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Only cancelled playoffs were in 2005, not 1994.

Otherwise, wholeheartedly agree with you! Particularly the parts about relocating another franchise to Canada and getting rid of Bettman.


1994 referred to the baseball playoffs, which is why I thanked Donald Fehr. I inserted the word "baseball" to make that clear. Good point.


Mark Cohon for NHL commissioner. Cohon worked in the NBA didn't he? He's proven to know how to run sports leagues regardless of the game played. Bettman makes Goodell look good.


I like this idea. I like what Cohon has done for the CFL, but he would be perfect for the NHL, especially if they let him work in Toronto instead of New York City.


Here in Toronto:
When the end of the lockout news broke, at Sunday dawn, the Maple Leafs new co-owner, Bell had their main TV network CTV on auto-pilot, for the entire day & evening. Apparently not a mention or a text scroll would flash, including during 8 hours of live NFL carriage etc. They even aired a national news promo during their evening programs. (Oh, sure. Go to a cable channel for mind-numbing talkabout instead?)
On Wednesday, the Leafs (finally!) fired GM & Pres. Brian Burke. He had given us four (more) non-playoff years and his expansive attitude. A press conference was made in the early afternoon. New majority co-owner Rogers' local large-market sports radio station was off the air due to difficulties. And they merely promoted Burke's long-time assistant to boot.
That's the typical brain trust of NHL hockey.


Hold the phone!
The CFL guy? They scheduled their Hamilton Tiger-Cats' marquee Labour Day game - at the exact kickoff time as the 1st-time championship reigning (also Hamilton) McMaster University football team's 2012 home opener.
Then explain why the Grey Cup doesn't get network broadcast during U.S. Thanksgiving weekend (when most simucasting is off), or a main network overnight re-broadcast, and why then also on Sunday against the powerful NFL?


The Ticats Labour Day game is the same time every year, so McMaster must have known of the conflict. Of course, this year, the Labour Day Classic might be in Toronto.

I do agree about the Grey Cup broadcasts. The idea that the biggest game is only on cable is a shame. CTV seems allergic to CFL football (not NFL football, of course). Maybe the CBC will get the game in the next contract.


Surprised CTV didn't do anything on the NHL lockout settlement. The NHL Network in the U.S. went with regular programming, the kind we've seen over and over for months. NBC Sports Network also went silent.

Brian Burke could have fired for what he did, but seemed to be fired more for his approach. Bad signs for the new owners of the Leafs.

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