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February 06, 2013


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Good post. As long as Vancouver Canucks fans aren't stuck listening to Mark Lee, all is well (just kidding - he's a capable pbp man).

But, it is interesting that he has not worked a Canucks telecast yet this season. Much like how he almost never works Maple Leafs games unless it's late in the season and they're out of playoff contention...


Thanks Tyler. I really do appreciate the feedback.

I and you and several others have figured on a few patterns. The one game Rick Ball did was in Vancouver. Jim Hughson did the other game in Vancouver, so Ball will likely do the games in Vancouver if Hughson stays back east. A far cry from the West Coast pbp guy the CBC led us to believe Ball would be in 2013.


It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend. You would think Hughson and Simpson would work Penguins/Jets on Friday and Senators/Maple Leafs on Saturday but it's hard making guesses the way it's been going this season.

The next late game I'd expect to see Hughson and Simpson working would be Kings/Canucks on Mar. 2 since there's no Maple Leafs game that particular Saturday.


I would go out on a limb to predict Mark Lee and Kelly Hrudey will be in Winnipeg on Friday and Edmonton on Saturday. Jim and Craig handle the Battle of Ontario and Cole and Galley are in Montreal (the game the U.S. gets on the NHL Network).

I would agree that Kings/Canucks will be Hughson/Simpson also because the NHL Network is picking up the second half of the DH, a highly unusual move.

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