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February 01, 2013


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Regarding Rick Ball's availability for CBC work. He handles the majority of the Vancouver Canucks radio broadcasts on Team 1040. Last weekend he was with the team in California and thus unavailable. This will likely be an issue for some other Saturday nights and so expect more Mark Lee during 10 pm ET HNIC games.


This weekend should not be an issue, however, especially since the Canucks are hosting Chicago on TSN. That means TV voice John Shorthouse, who calls Canucks games on Sportsnet Pacific, will move to the radio booth. Ball can prepare for tomorrow night's HNIC telecast in Calgary (assuming that's his assignment) and then rejoin the Canucks for their game in Edmonton on Monday.


Thanks Tyler for weighing in on this. CBC went out of their way to promote a smooth regular lineup. But Rick Ball's schedule proves otherwise, and the CBC has more than enough play-by-play guys to cover. I like having Mark Lee on those games. Rick Ball and Dean Brown have day jobs with a regular team; in Brown's case, he usually covered the same team as his day job. Some weeks, that won't be true for Ball (e.g., last week's Battle of Alberta).


Turns out Rick Ball was not used Saturday night in Calgary despite theoretically being available. Strange. I guess we'll only see him used when Mark Lee works an earlier game and Bob Cole has the weekend off. Or something.


Tyler, the rhythm might be in where the game is. Ball did the lone game in Vancouver, but not the games in Calgary. Not saying the theory fits, but it's just as good as guessing. I would think he'd be in Vancouver this Saturday with Kelly Hrudey.

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