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February 15, 2013


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I was surprised to see Brown and Galley working together for the bigger of the two games last Saturday afternoon, but remember Galley lives in the Ottawa area and the CBC tries to give him some "home" games, just like Hughson gets some games in Vancouver.

As for the start of the second period in the Leafs/Habs game, that was CBC going too long with their Hotstove segment. The network has a policy of running all promos during the intermission regardless of whether they will be back in time for the start of the next period. Pulling promos is the only thing they could do to adjust for running heavy, but given HNIC's high viewership it's a critical vehicle for promoting other CBC programs.


Cook'sa thug as you said, and his actions are a DISGRACE for the league! He did the same to Habs Andrei Markov! Speakin of protected teams... remember Chara on Max Pac? I rest my case...


Tyler, I know Galley lives in Ottawa, so that isn't a surprise. As for Brown, well, it was the only other one available. I figured the CBC was at fault for coming back late. The tone in Cole's voice was apologetic, so I figured it was the CBC feed. It's just the NHL Network is getting really bad at showing half-interviews.


Mario, Chara and Pacioretty is an excellent comparison. None of the other sports has this kind of favoritism, not even the NBA. If another Sens defensemen was in the corner, Cooke doesn't do what he did, and that bothers me even more.


It's always amazed me at how much networks seem to struggle with simulcasting. I remember a few years ago CTV getting ripped for breaks running too long during the Super Bowl. Global has had trouble with golf as well.


I do realize that "Americans" don't have nearly as many issues with simsubbing as Canadians do. Canadians should be frustrated with this system. The NHL Network is hitting the other breaks in decent shape; they just keep missing this one situation.


Don Cherry and the Hot Stove crew seemed to do a lot of blaming the victim last night. This surprised me, especially with how deliberately Cooke sliced Karlsson. I know there's some sort of Canadian bravado that there should never be any complaining and that players are expected to keep playing with a broken stick lodged in an eye socket. I think acts involving sticks and skates are far beyond fighting and hard hitting. Back when the North Stars existed Toronto police filed charges against Dino Ciccerelli after he whacked someone repeatedly with his stick.


I just don't see where a guy with Matt Cooke's background gets as much latitude as he has received. The incident happened in Pittsburgh so you know no charges will be filed, though I wanted to see Chara in a Quebec court. My feeling is that Cooke wouldn't have pulled that move if the other player wasn't Karlsson.

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